The original trailing arms are retained for the rear suspension, but heavily modified. The main feature is the hub, this has been remade using a 3.3 turbo spindle. A new housing was machined from solid aluminium, then a mounting flange welded onto the existing trailing arm. The original rubber pivots have been replaced with needle roller and ball race thrust bearings mounted in a cartridge that fixes into the arm. Special spherical mounts allow for adjustment. Unfortunately I have no pictures, but the next time I strip it down I will take some. The trailing arm has been heavily reinforced. AP Racing 6 pot differential bore calipers and 3.3 turbo discs fitted..

Rear hub housing including handbrake shoes.


View showing hub bolted to mounting flange, also note mountain bike chain and jockey wheels for handbrake operation.


Rear wheel speed sensor.



3.3 turbo front suspension and Koni performance damper fitted. Rubber bushes replaced with machined plastic. Custom anti roll bar fitted, mounted on needle roller bearings. AP Racing 6 pot differential bore calipers and 3.3 turbo discs fitted.

Front suspension, not a lot to see really.


View showing anti roll bar links.


Front wheel speed sensor.