Welcome, I thought I would create a site for my Porsche 914, its a lot easier than trying to explain what I've been doing for the last few years. This is my attempt at building the fastest street legal car in the UK! (that can go round corners anyway!) 99% of the work detailed on this site has been carried out by myself in my spare time.

Engine: 350CID small block Chevy, twin Sprintex Superchargers, Brodix -8 heads, Motec M48 pro fuel injection system with launch and traction control.

Body: Custom 2 piece body made from Kevlar, only doors and rear boot lid original Porsche 914. Based on 935 front, 916 rear bumper and 930 rear arches.

Chassis: 10-point roll cage manufactured from CDS tubing. The front chassis from the footwell bulkhead forward has been replaced with tubing.

Front Suspension: Porsche 911, 3.3 turbo front suspension and Koni performance damper fitted. Rubber bushes replaced with machined plastic. Custom anti roll bar fitted, mounted on needle roller bearings. AP Racing 6 pot differential bore callipers fitted.

Rear Suspension: Reinforced 914 trailing arm, fitted with custom machined bearing housing to accept 911-turbo hub assembly. Trailing arm pivoting on needle roller and ball thrust bearings. Koni performance damper and spring fitted. Custom anti roll bar fitted, mounted on needle roller bearing. AP Racing 6 pot differential bore callipers fitted.

Interior: The interior is very minimalist, the dashboard is made from carbon fibre (pre impregnated). A Stack display is fitted to the dash, including all switches and heater controls. Corbeau Pro Race seats fitted, plumbed in fire extinguisher (electrically operated), carbon fibre door panels fitted and Luke 6 point safety harness fitted.

Wiring: Raychem type 55 double insulated airframe wire, 602 pattern military spec connectors, Raychem DR25 heat shrink, Raychem moulded shapes and ETA circuit breaker used throughout.

Fuel: Custom ATL fuel cell used.

Transmission: 3.3 turbo transaxle mounted upside down. Custom flywheel using AP Racing triple plate clutch.

Horsepower-v-Torque: The definitive answer!

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